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Let’s Encrypt is an industry standard for obtaining free SSL certificates for websites. If you are hosting a website on a server being managed by ServerPilot’s free plan, then you can use my written bash script to obtain and install SSL certificates on your websites easily. You only need to know the basics of SSH.

Here is how you can secure your websites using Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates on a ServerPilot’s deployed box.

1. Clone My GitHub Repo

Sign into your server as root (or with sudo privileges) and execute below command to copy my script to your server.

sudo git clone https://github.com/rehmatworks/serverpilot-letsencrypt.git && cd serverpilot-letsencrypt && sudo mv sple.sh /usr/local/bin/rwssl && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/rwssl && (crontab -l ; echo "@monthly \"sudo service nginx-sp stop && yes | letsencrypt --standalone renew &>/dev/null && service nginx-sp start && service nginx-sp reload\"")| crontab - && service cron reload

The above command will clone my repo to your server and then it will move the script to /usr/local/bin/rwssl/ as an executable. Now a command rwssl will become available for you.

2. Install the SSL Certificate

Keeping your self signed in as root, now type rwssl in terminal (or PuTTY on Windows) and press enter. You will be walked through some simple steps and the SSL certificate should be installed for your domains within a minute or two.

Known Issues

In rare cases, the SSL certificate installation fails. If the script failes in obtaining an SSL certificate for your domain from Let’s Encrypt, then ensure that:

Still facing issues? You may consider leaving a comment below and I’ll try my best to assist you.

P.S.: I welcome all contributions to my project including promotions. You can contribute by Promting my project on Facebook ads/adwords to relevant audience

Rehmat Alam

Rehmat Alam

A professional web developer and a part-time server administrator.

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